About Us

We are a technology based startup with the focus on integrating technological advances in the field of Healthcare, Automotive and Consumer electronics.

We practice the following technologies in executing our challenges :


3D Printing

Cloud computing

Data sciences

Mobile technology

We are an all women start up emphasizing(VAI in Sanskrit) on the principles(TATTVA in Sanskrit) of :

Socio- Economic equality in Health and Lifestyle using technology

Create livelihood opportunities for all strata of the specially or differently abled people


Our Offerings

Creating futuristic products, addressing social needs

Our main focus being Sustainability we provide services on Product Research and Design, Technical consultancy service. We are current working on an medical challenge for fracture healing. We provide Product Designing and Manufacturing services in Healthcare, Automotive and consumer electronics domain. We also provide expert services in 3D printing and laser etching.

The following are our research projects:

Working on 3D printer technologies

Reuse of materials for 3D printing

Integrating IoT and Analytics in 3D printing

Working on 3D printer technologiesHuman fracture healing mechanism

Our Team

Our Concepts are World Class

Our unique team comprises of Healthcare, Automotive and Consumer electronics expertise with specialization on IoT, 3D Printing, Cloud computing, Data sciences and Mobile technology.

Muthukumaraswamy DPK

Swetha Tarachandra